self esteem

Self Esteem

It’s how an individual emotionally evaluates themselves.

Self esteem encompasses beliefs such as ‘ I am competent,’  ‘I am worthy,’ and emotions such as happiness, shame, despair and pride.

Self-esteem is an enduring personality characteristic (trait), although it can vary from time to time.

There are three components to self-esteem.

1.  An essential human need for survival and healthy development

2. It’s automatic and based on a persons beliefs and consciousness

3. Which occurs in conjunction with the persons  behaviours, feelings and actions.

Component 1:

Survival and healthy development of our self-esteem is dependent on a number of fundamental ingredients. A conscious understanding on how to assist in the growth element is paramount. The motivation to modify the current self-esteem is necessary. Hard work and perseverance

Component 2:

Automatic thoughts regarding our self-esteem perception, can be negatively influenced by the remarks of other people, if we allow that to happen. These negative automatic thoughts can be cumbersome and long lasting, which means that a low self-esteem remains fragile and vulnerable.

Component 3:

An individuals behaviour, feelings and actions are generally driven by elements of their self-esteem. So for example if somebody has a very fragile self-esteem they may find themselves being bullied and abused at school, at work and even at home.
A healthy self-esteem can be achieved through psychological therapy much quicker than people anticipate. Individuals actually start to take control of their life by choosing who they want to have a relationship with, how they want to live and who they want to love.There is no reason to remain stuck in the depths of a low self-esteem, why would you choose to? Change your life, particularly if you are ready to feed your self-esteem with the ingredients that it needs, it will encourage a Healthy-Mind.

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