low mood

Most people experience a low mood from time to time, this can relate to a number of different reasons, below are just a handful.

Financial problems, Relationship difficulties, Hormonal changes, Work issues, Boredom, Isolation,

Feeling unloved, Identity issues, Feeling trapped.

Obviously there are many more reasons that can impact on an individual suffering from the feeling of low mood.

What’s important is when you notice these feelings emerging it is more fundamental act on them, not react to them.

Take time out alone and ask yourself some simple questions;-

Q.   When did I start to feel like this?

Q.   What do I actually feel?

Q.   Has anything specific triggered these feelings off?

Q.   Are some days better than others, if there are, why is that the case?

Q.   What could I change in my life that would make me feel better?

Q.   Are there any behaviours that I have that I dislike?

Q.   Do I have thoughts that make me worse?

This type of active work may just do the trick, you may feel more in control, you may change elements of your life and erase your low mood.

Each day keep a journal and record your mood out of 10, ask yourself the above questions and then action them.

Work towards a Healthy-Mind so that you can change your life!

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