relationship difficulties

Relationship Difficulties At home, At work and Socially

Relationship difficulties can be so destructive that risks associated with these difficulties can quickly develop. The problems may be so consuming that individuals experience career downfalls, domestic disasters as well as creating awful physical health difficulties.

Generally speaking relationships are very important to humans, we enjoy different elements within relationships, depending on who we are and how our early development evolved. There are of course different types of relationships, emotional types, working relationships and social relationships.

We all develop different patterns of behaviour within relationships that are really interesting to analyse, particularly if we want to modify our behaviour and alter the patterns that we have learnt.

Emotional relationships between adults in a marriage or in a partnership can struggle to survive due to a huge lack of understanding of themselves and their partners. Left alone the relationship may just tick along, conversely the couple may split up, which may actually be the best thing for them but not in a lot of cases, relationships can be saved and repaired if both parties want to stay together and are prepared to work within therapy.

A chronology of your life in the form of a time line or in the form of a story is a great place to start looking at your life and the relationships within it. This process takes time to complete, however it is through the writing and analysing of these chronologies that there is a very good chance that you are preparing the foundation for your new life, primarily by understanding your past.

Why throw away a relationship if it’s possible to save and repair it?

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