Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

A Case Study.

Jason is experiencing negative thoughts every day, this is impacting on his behaviour as he is beginning to withdraw from his family and friends, there are also problems for him at work involving his motivation.

Initially a CBT approach may prove beneficial for Jason, however following on from his assessment it was clear that Jason had a significant attachment history, where problems had developed during his childhood. This information may be best suited to a psychodynamic approach so that Jason can uncover in more detail on how his past could be impacting or contributing to his behaviour and thinking patterns now.

As Jason is currently feeling very low and lost, it’s important to look at his daily life, as it is now and for him to talk about his feelings as they appear in the ‘here and now’. Therefore a Humanistic approach would be implemented.

By accurately blending Jason’s life story with the correct therapy, will enable the client to access and connect to elements of his/her life that have been out of sync. Metaphorically speaking, if we had a jig-saw that had been all jumbled up and out of place then it requires attention, determination and time to place all of the pieces in the right place., the same could be said for Jason’s life.

Most people have ‘off’ days or ‘low’ days, but when you feel, lost, depressed, lonely or fearful, then psychology can help you to overcome these and many more complex issues. The final results in therapy equate to a Health-Mind, are you the type if individual that has the desire to change your life?

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