Executive Personal Coach

An executive personal coach works with all ages, the work aims to enable individuals to reach their academic and career potential.

Many children require additional coaching to assist in school entrance exams, the process is seamless, exciting and very successful. Hundreds of children have succeeded in their academic aspirations, enabling them to access fee paying and non fee paying Grammar schools.

Adults are often stuck in jobs that do not inspire them, they have dreams of working in different arenas but lack direction. An executive personal coach prepares you, not only for focused direction but also through the CV and interview process.


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10% off Packages of 20 sessions

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VIP Packages

Provides therapy provision for 12 Months

This service, has to date, a 100% success record, and it is an exceedingly valuable treatment to have within Healthy Minds.

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One to One Assessment

Duration 1 Session.


One to One Personal Coaching Sessions

Duration 1 Session.


One to One Therapy Sessions

Duration 6 Sessions.


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