The truth about Panic Attacks

When you experience a panic attack for the first time it can be one of the most terrifying experiences, until you have had one, it is very difficult to understand how awful it feels.

Obviously, a panic attack involves an enormous, physiological change in the body, so huge that it can feel as though you’re actually having a heart attack.

It’s not your standard feeling of being scared it involves so much more than that, the actual experience can very quickly becomes increasingly debilitating.

The physical changes that occur in the body are phenomenal, the process involves so many bio-chemical changes, at a speed that astonishes many individuals, it’s almost as though it was an instant occurrence, it wasn’t!

There is an additional ingredient involved in a panic attack, the brain, an amazing psychological element that we can learn to control.

Remember that knowledge is power, once a client learns the principles and process involved in the cycle of a panic attack then they can elevate that learning to take control.

A Healthy mind, will promote a healthy body, so why don’t you Change Your Life?

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