Here at Healthy Minds we are able to offer treatment for people from all walks of life and people of all age groups.


Healthy-Minds can work with children from the age of 4 years upwards.  If you are concerned that your child is not developing as you would have expected, or if he/she is behaving in a manner that is worrying you, don’t suffer in silence.

The sooner we address the issues/problems, particularly with the young children, then the speedier their recovery, obviously this depends on whether the presenting problem is psychological or organic.

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Healthy Minds can work teenagers and adolescents in many domains. Clearly this can be a very difficult time as we try to make sense of our lives, our identity and our direction. These years can often become quite overwhelming with hormones, relationships and academia amongst other things.

With all of the professional services within Healthy minds, we are able to assess which service will best suit the young persons needs.


If you want a better, more fulfilling life then focus on how to achieve it, don’t just, ‘wait in a familiar, uncomfortable place’, move out into the areas that you want to experience. When we grow up we are taught to stay within the walls that are familiar but actually you don’t have to when you get older, you can go for different opportunities that are outside of our familiar walls.

Motivation to change is imperative, the goals that direct the change you are instrumental, and the energy required to sustain the change is fundamental. Take a parachute and take the jump.

We all have a number of needs that can be addressed and monitored; Physiological and safety needs, love and a sense of belonging, self-esteem needs, cognitive and aesthetic needs, once these have been achieved, then you realize that your full potential as an individual has been accomplished.

Access to the life that you strive for, requires your desire to change and your attention to what requires changing. At a cognitive level, your conscious and unconscious patterns of behaviour, your motivation and evaluation of where you have been and where you are going, are all necessary precursors for life modifications.

Nobody has to remain in their default position, a static familiar space that feels familiar but uncomfortable. Embrace opportunities to change your life and elements of yourself, it’s easier than you think. Learn to think differently, don’t be squashed by your past, push forward in what you believe in and believe in what you can offer.

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