Attitudes, What type of attitude do I have?

Purifier or polluter?

Attitudes are contagious, is your’s worth catching?

I have 2 questions for you to ask yourself – Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?  Are you a Polluter or a Purifier?

Polluters are like smoke stackers, belching out dirty smoke across everybody, they love to poison the air with gloom. People around them breath in their toxins and feel sick.

Purifiers make everything around them feel better, regardless of rotten atmospheres they encounter, they filter the toxic words of polluters, the gloomy and negative words and rotten atmospheres, and once filtered it leaves their air all fresh and clean again!

Within our clinic we will identify which attitude you have, the type of attitudes that surround you, and how you can change your positioning if you want to! Change your life and achieve a ‘Healthy Mind’ that Purifies self and others.

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