Anger issues can be quite debilitating as the emotion takes over our mind and bodies in a way that is not useful.

This emotion can be so destructive that it puts relationships at risk, career downfalls and causes physical health difficulties.

We appreciate that there are occasions when anger is appropriate and helpful, it can, in the right dose, encourage us to prove others wrong, it can drive us to be successful, it can also encourage us to change cycles that we have witnessed in our own lives. This type of anger is an asset, highlighting to us that specific types of anger are appropriate.

The area of anger that is at the total opposite spectrum is the emotional anger that results in physical harm, manipulative behaviours, emotional, sexual and physical abuse. These are the types of angry displays that are wrong and out of control.

Addressing the unhelpful anger is a skill in itself, it can be an extremely effective experience, one that enhances your confidence and self-esteem. Imagine what it would be like to be in control of your anger? The anger training programme is very effective, it assesses the root cause, the maintenance factors and the current problems being experienced.

The knowledge and skills achieved through this programme are life changing for many individuals. The training is not difficult it simply requires motivation and a commitment to change.

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