Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at Healthy Minds.

A. That depends on the client and the problems that you are presenting with. For example if you want to deal with breaking a habit, it may be quicker for you to work with a hypnotherapist. If you are stuck in an unhealthy, long term, pattern of behaviour that is affecting your current life, it would be advisable to work a Chartered Psychologist.  If you are stuck with career decisions then you would work well with the Executive Personal Coach. If you want to explore feelings that are bringing you down at the moment, then a counsellor may be a beneficial decision.

A.     Why wouldn’t it work? There are a number of possible reasons, if the work, including the homework is not understood, or completed, then like any new subject area that would have negative ramifications, careful attention to detail would be necessary. If the client does not feel understood by the therapist then that is of paramount importance to flag up. If clients’ repeatedly miss appointments this leads to a lack of continuity, this hinders progress.

A.       There are other organisations that offer free therapy, an internet search may prove useful to ascertain what is available in your area. Alternatively, you could make a appointment with your GP they may be able to refer you onto a counsellor/psychologist within the National Health Service.

A.    I would love to say no, however I can’t, the answer is yes they can. At Healthy Minds therapeutic work is based on a contract of honesty on all people present. When a person means to deceive the psychologist, it is possible to pick up on it right away although more accurately confirmed with certain observations over time.

A.   Of course, they too are human and not aliens from mars, even your Doctor can become ill with flu or a sore throat! Psychologists are not rare creatures that are immune from suffering. It is fair to say though, that psychologists can learn to apply their knowledge and interventions to their own life if in trouble, or struggling with life’s traumas.

A.   Often, it’s a natural feeling but rest assured that type of feeling soon disappears when you are working within Healthy Minds, remember that therapists are required to uphold the professional secret.

A.   It is usual for couples to come to therapy when the relationship is severely broken/fractured, hence making recovery complex. The best time to attend is when you know it’s getting to a difficult point, don’t ignore it and bury your heads. If you come to Healthy Minds soon enough you may find that 2 or 3 sessions does the trick but always remember that;

a) There are no magic wands at Healthy Minds, therapy is demanding and requires both partners to be honest within the work.
b) A couple indicates two people working towards the end goal, this needs to be upheld by all parties.
c) Couples often work with specific aspects that depend on if the relationship is actually broken or does it just require improving? Are emotions being managed accurately? Communication issues are often a huge problem, others may be sexual relations, housework duties, power and influence, attitudes toward children, infidelities, routines.
d) Therapy aims to search/explore and find the best for both individuals so that they either remain as a couple or dissolve it.

A. Don’t worry, you will have an assessment with Sandy, she will help you to decide what will work for you during your assessment.

All of the professionals at Healthy Minds can assist with this type of personal development. It is a service that has been used in many different ways;

A.  Coaching for interviews
B.  Understanding your relationship choices
C.  Learning why you don’t feel happy
D.  Understanding your behaviours at different locations
E.   Discovering why things are as they are in your life

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