low mood

Low Mood

Financial problems, Relationship difficulties, Hormonal changes, Work issues, Boredom, Isolation, Feeling unloved, Identity issues, Feeling trapped.

Obviously there are many more reasons that can impact on an individual suffering from the feeling of low mood.

What’s important is when you notice these feelings emerging it is more fundamental act on them, not react to them.

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Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety is a symptom of fear, it can be incredibly uncomfortable, inconvenient and debilitating.

It can stop us from enjoying our life and can interfere with our ability to grow and move on in our lives. Did you know that you can manage these symptoms with a few simple techniques?

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Ocd Healthy Minds


OCD is a terrible affliction that involves individuals experiencing unhelpful thoughts and fears, these become behaviours known as compulsions.

Some individuals may suffer from only obsessions or only compulsions, they would still come under the OCD category.

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Panic Attacks

Obviously, a panic attack involves an enormous, physiological change in the body, so huge that it can feel as though you’re actually having a heart attack.

It’s not your standard feeling of being scared it involves so much more than that, the actual experience can very quickly becomes increasingly debilitating.

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Anger Issues

This emotion can be so destructive that it puts relationships at risk, career downfalls and causes physical health difficulties.

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I have 2 questions for you to ask yourself – Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching? Are you a Polluter or a Purifier?

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self esteem

Self Esteem

It’s how an individual emotionally evaluates themselves.

Self esteem encompasses beliefs such as ‘ I am competent,’ ‘I am worthy,’ and emotions such as happiness, shame, despair and pride.

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Confidence Issues

Confidence is essentially avoiding situations, events or personal progress generally, although this avoidance may hold you back in a familiar comfort zone, nothing will really change in improving your confidence. Success in confidence growth is dependent on a number of things.

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