attachment issues

Attachment issues involve more that one thing, it starts when we are babies and continues throughout our lives.

A lack of early attachment with a primary caregiver can cause life long problems, but not in every case. It can also be researched that early attachments, that involve over indulgence with a child, can produce an individual that has serious entitlement issues in later life. The subject of attachment can be a mind field, it involves careful consideration when searching to see which category you fit into, if that’s what you want?

At Healthy Minds we choose not to diagnose individuals, we search for the truth about your personal circumstances and how that impacts on your life now. We then develop a bespoke plan of how we will change/modify what is best for you.

There are no smoke screens in our work, it all makes sense as you proceed through each session. Everything is explained carefully while you become more confident in understanding your behaviour in terms of your attachments. Cycles are there to be changed, however it can be difficult to change something if you don’t understand it.

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